Links To My Writing


Theater Reviews:

Reaching Past Darkness in “Inheritance: a Litany”

Giving the Accordion the Spotlight in There’s an Accordion in my Closet

“Milkdrunk”: Spoken-Word Dance Prose Poem of Motherhood

“The Things They Carried” Captures the Zeitgeist of ‘Nam

Environmental Solutions With a Beat in “Rap Guide to Climate Chaos”

Whore: A Daughter Speaks Back to Her Misogynist Father

Finding her Peter Pan in “Wasbian”

Sexodus: An Ecstatic Departure

Nothing Here is Real

Heather Frank’s Strong Vocals and Flourishes of Sass Invite the Dreamers In

Women Take the Stage: Solo Shows Highlighting Women’s Voices at United Solo’s Tenth Anniversary Festival

Caught Between Turntables in “Temples of Lung and Air”

Evan Handler in Dialogue with his Past in “Time on Fire: A Comedy of Terrors (Redux)”

Owning Her Role as “The Designated Daughter”

From One Generation to the Next: Women’s History Retold in “Digging in Their Heels”

A Father’s Reverence and Awe in “As Soon as You’re Born (They Make You Feel Small)”

I’m Just Kidneying: Tales of Heroic Love, Gigantic Farts, and Unlikely Connection


Laying it All Bare: An Interview with Jake Boston

Following the Voices in her Head: An Interview with Nancy Redman

Destigmatizing Infertility One Laugh at a Time: An Interview with Meirav Zur

Awakening Wonder: An Interview with Bob Stromberg


Are Large-Scale Music Festivals a Thing of the Past?


May Term on the Verge: A Bootcamp Report from Cindy Darling

Practice Makes Perfect

NYC Special Needs Sanctuary

What Parents Can Learn From Teachers

King Fights Cancer: The Journey of a Five Year Old

Plans for the Precocious: What Every Parent Needs to Know about Gifted Education in New York City


Indiana Roads

Parenting and Family:

Helping Children Through Divorce

Practice Makes Perfect

Plans for the Precocious: What Every Parent Needs to Know about Gifted Education in New York City

NYC Special Needs Sanctuary

What Parents Can Learn From Teachers

New York Family Magazine: Birthday Party Venues

New York Family Magazine: Keep Baby’s Skin Safe

New York Family Magazine: Saves By B: Double the Impact

New York Family Magazine: Suburbs in the City

Barista Kids Gluten-Free Guide

When Your Child Wets the Bed: the Experts Offer Their Advice

Baristaville’s Guide for Expecting Moms

Massage for Moms

Benefits of Yoga: Strong Body, Calm Mind, and Fertility?

Car Line: Time in the Car Well-Spent

Christmas Trees Around Baristaville

Come Out for Montclair’s Little Read

Could You De-Tech?

It’s That Time Again..

Fiddle-dee-dee Local Little Fiddlers Take Home Awards

Finding Treasure in Baristaville

Home Grown Literature for Children: Books of the Garden State

When Parents Text

Maple Sugaring: A Sweet Family Activity

Yoga for Kids: Nirvana or Nonsense?


Night at a Museum

Practice Makes Perfect

School Play Costumes Sew Easy

Summer Camp Must Haves

The Crossover Project

The Greatest Action Movie Ever: Casting Call for Kids

The Sidewalks of Montclair: Safe Hangout?

Tips for Having a Fun Family Trip

When to Send Sick Kids back to School

Your Guide to Ice Cream in Baristaville

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