30 Books in 30 Days

Welcome to my project of August 2011:  30 Books in 30 Days.   No, I will not be reading 30 books in 30 days–an appealing task, but one for someone in a more intense state of mind than I am right now!  Instead, each day I will blog about a book or books that has moved me, for better or worse, in my reading life. Some of these books I will be blogging about I am currently reading.  Others will be books I have read recently in the past year or so.  There may be a couple of books that stand out from my reading of even further back than a year.  The point is to blog about the books that move me.  I am reading all the time, often several books at once, so it makes sense that this would be my blog topic of choice.  Yes, I am that woman who can’t leave the house for vacation–and sometimes even just for my morning coffee–without carrying with me at least four or five of the books I will want to be reading.  I need to have just the right reading selection for that early first cup of the day!

What do I hope to get out of this?  The act of blogging every day.  And perhaps, at the end, some mass of interesting observations may emerge.  Or not!  But, at the very least, I will be spending a couple hundred words per day thinking about my daily companions that make me happy–my books!

Just go to the menu on my main blog page, click where it says 30 Books in 30 Days, and start reading the posts!


2 thoughts on “30 Books in 30 Days

    1. Hey Nancy–so glad you’ve come by my blog! You can read my 30 Books in 30 Days entries already in progress by clicking on “Home” above.
      Hope you’re settling into your new home!

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