Word Nerd Networking

I attended Word Nerd Networking last night in NY.  It was great getting to hang out with my writing teaching and friend Lisa Romeo and several other writers I met there.

Some fun tidbits:

Networking is invigorating!  I love the random connections that I make with people about their careers and my career–sitting down for a conversation, I never know what overlapping piece of advice or experience we will share or pass on.

I come away from these events always–with a tidbit of knowledge to followup on.  I may not be able to predict what I will learn before walking in to that room of writers–but I always walk away with more than I started with.

Afterwards, I got a ride back to Jersey with three other Jersey writers who were there. It turns out I knew these women already. One writer, Stacey Gill, writes for Barista Kids and Baristanet, where I also write.  I have read her stuff over the past year, but I had never met her until last night. Great to put a face with the name and also share writing stories with each other.  Another woman, Bernadette, had been in a writing class I had taken two years ago with Lisa Romeo.  So, it was great to connect with these writers and brainstorm about writing and give each other advice and support regarding all of our projects.


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