30 Books in 30 Days: 8.28.11

Mr. Maybe by Jane Green

Yup.  I am reading this book.  This book with a cover of a shirtless guy on the front.  Another chick-lit gem.  Enjoying it immensely.  The plot?  Pretty obvious from the title:  Our main character falls for a guy who just isn’t what she thought she’d been looking for.  Add to that the fact that he isn’t “ready” to be in a real relationship, and you can see that our main character is in a quandary.  Is this the guy for her?  Or, should she go for the other guy who enters the story half-way through, a man who fits all her requirements for prince charming.  Much like Green’s other books, it has elements of the Cinderella story.  Is that all chick-lit is?  Variations upon the Cinderella theme?  There is the inevitable ball where our main character gets dressed up to the nines in a killer ball gown and is, quite literally, the belle of the ball.  Whether or not she and the prince charming at this ball live happily ever after is something you’ll have to read the book in order to find out.



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